PCB layout done in Altium.

Prototype PCB made by hackvana.com (great job Mitch!)

Mostly OK! power supplies all good, SD card interface works well, SPI to ENC28J60 worked well (DHCP/UDP), UART i/o and GPIO all going as required.

Problems: JTAG pins back to front (TDO<=>TDI), the DC power connector has the center pin as -ve, some of the Arduino pin selection might not be the best, make the SD card from the SSI next time so as the keep the SPI separate for the bus.

Still to test: WizNet Ethernet controller, USB, DAC out & power amplifier/filter, a few more shields.

Did a bit of a Major rewrite of the code -- this was mostly due to sharing with a LOT of ARM code and some of the dependencies there flowing back in the AVR32.