StabiloTEST 1.3.1

A stabilometric analysis device, built for studying and testing body sway in human vestibular and neurodegenerative disorders.

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StabiloTEST is a cheap alternative (100 $) to the already commercialized and expensive stabilometric devices.

Stabilometry aims at collecting information indicative of the steady-state functioning of the postural control system, and of its success in stabilizing the body against gravity, by examining the properties of measures, directly or indirectly related with postural sway.
It can be used for studies concerning he objective study of body sway during quiet standing, in the absence of any voluntary movements or external perturbations.

StabiloTEST communicates with PC via USB connection. It provides real-time data plotting and center of weigth variation analysis.
  • 4 × SEN-10245 Load Sensor - 50kg
  • 4 × AD623A Single Supply, Rail-to-Rail, Low Cost Instrumentation Amplifier
  • 16 × 1KOhm Resistor
  • 8 × 470KOhm Resistor

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