Time-lapse, Take 1

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3D printing, with lasers!

bfozbfoz 10/16/2014 at 06:180 Comments

I'm playing around with creating time-lapse videos of a part being printed. My camera is an old Canon Powershot SD880 IS, and apparently they hadn't invented time lapse back then. So, I had to install the Canon Hack Development Kit and use the intervalometer script. The on-screen interface that CHDK adds is rather nasty looking, but it worked well enough. I set the interval to 15 seconds and started a print of the TechShop logo that I bummed off one of the DC's. It's not a very interesting print in terms of time-lapse video because the cross section is pretty much the same the entire time. But, it's an easy print and doesn't take too long. I'll have to try something more interesting for the next test. Any requests?

BTW, I used the GoPro studio software to create the video from the still images.