Bearing gear time-lapse

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bfozbfoz 10/20/2014 at 22:391 Comment

So far I've only been printing "solid" parts; calibration cubes, companion cubes, simple gears, etc. I finally got around to trying something a little more complicated. At first, I wanted to print the bearing race model on Thingiverse that seems to be a popular test print. But after I sliced it, and found out how long it would take to print, I decided to go for something simpler. So I went for a bearing gear instead. It took about 6 hours with a layer height of 150 microns.

This time I used a 10 second interval between images, which seems to have worked better. I'm tempted to try 5 seconds, but that would produce a huge pile of images. As it, the camera battery didn't last the full 6 hours, so I doubt it could handle taking twice as many pictures. Anyone know of a good camera that can be powered externally?


zakqwy wrote 10/21/2014 at 02:29 point
I'd try a GoPro. I have a friend that has done a few 24hrs+ time lapses with one--maybe a Hero3? They can take power over USB while filming.

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