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3D printing, with lasers!

bfozbfoz 11/06/2014 at 20:500 Comments

I had to stop this print early so I could leave for a meeting. I'm still not comfortable leaving a laser running while I'm gone. I probably shouldn't ever be comfortable with that. Anyway, I was sad because this print was doing so well.

This morning I worked up the courage to see what the damage was, and I was pleasantly surprised. About 3mm worth of layers had printed and it looked great. After a bit of careful cleaning, the gears actually worked!

But then I got a little over confident and tried to use a hex key to spin the gears, which is when I broke it. Either the hole was a tight fit or there was some powder left in it. Either way, I tried to force the issue and broke the outer ring. I think if I had let the print finish it would have been plenty strong. I just started another one, so we'll see how that turns out.