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3D printing, with lasers!

bfozbfoz 11/26/2014 at 07:000 Comments

Today I pushed a pile of changes to the GitHub repository. While the prototype design works well enough, I had accumulated a long list of improvements for the next version. So I've been slowly working down the list over the last few days. I'm not finished yet; there are still some issues to work out with the new design, but there's enough done to see what the alpha kits will look like.

I'm not happy with the new arrangement for the X-motor and rails. I moved the X-motor off of the carriage to reduce the carriage's weight, but finding a new home for the motor was trickier than I expected. I'm still tinkering with that part.

Some people were having problems getting all of the code installed and running properly. I think we're past the majority of those problems now. If you're still having trouble, please let me know so I can get it straightened out.

Some of the changes ended up being larger than I expected. Not because they were huge design changes, but because I had written the code badly and it needed refactoring. The underlying framework changed a lot while I was developing sintertest, and it shows in the code. Some parts of the design use the old way of doing things, and some parts use the new, and that makes the code rather brittle. Amazingly, it actually works.