Low cost arduino smartwatch

A low cost arduino based smartwatch platform

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I come from India, a developing nation in terms of hobbyist electronics. And then the wearable/smartwatch boom happened. So, I decided, why not make a wearable platform from widely available components that are also cost effective. This'll save time for other makers and hobbyists, as then, they can focus on the innovation part, using a tried and tested base platform.

Standard ATmega328P+HC-05 combo. I'm prototyping the design using an Arduino UNO. Will use the pro mini for the final design though.
>HC-05 bluetooth module.
>Li po battery from a RC helicopter.
>Display is the famous Nokia 5110 modules.
>TP4056 li po charger module.

In due course of time, I'll be spinning custom dev boards, with the mcu, USB to serial, Li Po, display, bluetooth all in one board, and putting them up for sale. Stay tuned for further updates. Any feedback is welcome.

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