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    Step 1

    Start with a piece of perf board 8 holes wide by 11 holes tall. We used used Plated through holes for prototyping, but this layout will work with PTH or single layer boards. Be careful cutting and/or sanding the board - fiberglass dust is nasty stuff. To minimize dust, We suggest using a pair of tin snips to cut the board, or the tried and true "score with a knew and snap" method. 

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    Step 2

    Solder in an 8 pin socket for your ATtiny85. Leave two holes free below the socket and two on each side. 

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    Step 3

     Solder in the 0.1uf bypass cap just above the upper right pin of the ATtiny. 

    Bend the leg of the capacitor down and solder it to pin 8 (VCC) of the ATtiny. The other capacitor leg can be soldered in straight.