Slow Going

A project log for Super Famicade - Hardcore SNES Arcade Hack

Think Neo Geo MVS 4 Slot, then think Super Nintendo Entertainment System. Put 'em together and you've got yourself a Super Famicade.

DackRDackR 06/28/2016 at 01:480 Comments

I've been working on things as I have available time, but I've been busy with other things recently. I did convert a few of my projects from xkas assembly to bass, though I'm not 100% sold on the memory mapping features (or lack of) in bass, or the c-style comments (only supports the double-forward-slash), but I won't go into that here. It's possible that I just don't fully understand bass's way of handling the origin. I much preferred having to convert hirom/lorom addresses in xkas.

Anyway, this log is more about documenting my thoughts concerning which games I will actually end up modifying for the final project. It's entirely possible that I will only get to one or two of the games on my list... and even that may take me a while. I may just focus my efforts on one game at a time since I tend to spread myself too thin in a sort of schizophrenic manner. I get bored when I start understanding things and begin moving into something I don't understand. I often don't realize I'm doing this until many hours into the next puzzle.

So- I recently discovered the availability of several SNES competition ROMs. Donkey Kong Country, star fox, super mario kart, mario bros. lost levels, ken griffey, f-zero, pilot wings, and super mario world. I had seen articles on these competitions, but never realized the carts had been dumped. Now that I've come across them, I'm tempted to spend some time hacking them each into some kind of arcade-style competition. Realistically, I'm going to need to wait until I finish work on my ZAMN arcade conversion... But I soooo want to jump on this tangent.

Maybe soon?