Stalling out

A project log for PixelWand

a 3ft wand for lightpainting

Russell HayRussell Hay 04/07/2014 at 14:380 Comments

I haven't had time to go pick up a new sheet of acrylic and print out the remaining parts for the pixelwand. I'm on hold until I get to the store.  The latest design is available on bitbucket.  This design is based on 4.5mm thick acrylic and seems to be the right mix of lightweight and durable.

Because my lasercutter seems to cut at a bevel (still not sure why), the holes have a little bit of play in them.  I'm not sure if normal acrylic cement will work (the really liquidy kind) or if I'll have to use an acrylic paste (more like school glue).  I have a test piece that I've been waiting for a dry day to try cementing together.