Finally Acrylic is in hand

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a 3ft wand for lightpainting

Russell HayRussell Hay 04/08/2014 at 23:090 Comments

I stopped by Tap Plastic to get some Acrylic.  I bought 4ft x 4ft piece cut in half so that I can fit it into my laser cutter.  I have time scheduled on Tuesday to use the cutter, so I'm ready.

Since I still had a couple of the test pieces left, I glued one piece together and fit it into the 2" ID tube that I'm using to house the wand.  The fit is damn near perfect and when I have two circular supports to keep it from tipping, the pieces will glide in well.

But, I want the end pieces that fit in the top and bottom to have a little bit of a friction fit so things stay in place, so I cut some scraps of vinyl to add a tiny bit of tacky surface as well as a little extra width.  It worked well enough to keep it in.  I'll see how it works once everything is all together.