This video explains it all in a minute or so…

So, the brain running all the individual deltas is pretty much an arduino. We had custom hex-shaped boards fabled at OSH Park, each of which is outfitted with an ATMEGA 328 brain.

We're networking all the individual nodes through serial RS 422, and are using a processing sketch coupled with the Xbox Kinect to control the collective with hand gestures. This is just the beginning though. When we have more time to concentrate on development we'll get the robots to act with more variation in complex patterns, having all the nuance and variation of living organisms. For now they just mimic the person controlling them.

We'll have our demo code and stls open to the public as soon as we finish the fulfillment of our Kickstarter. Mark and I encourage people to build their own rendition of our delta robot and post pictures on our forum so we can see the progression of our invasion. =]

There is a lot more to post about this project, but rather than backlog everything here, I'll leave a link to my blog : Robotic Arts.