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A project log for Lattefy Coffee Maker

Automated internet driven coffee maker.

PolectronPolectron 10/15/2014 at 21:040 Comments

At first we were planing to use Twitter as the communication system between Lattefy and other devices but after some problems with the API and after thinking that it wasn't secure enough, basically anyone could send a request to Lattefy, we decided to user pushbullet wich is a bit more secure, communication between devices is private and you have to know Lattefy's e-mail account to send it a request.

At this moment the code, which can be seen in our github repository, is able to read messages and to answer them, components and complete functionality aren't decided yet so it can't do anything productive with your order.

A request to Lattefy would be something like this:

Requester: Coffee with milk

Lattefy: *processes order*

Lattefy: Order completed, you can pick up your coffee with milk

This is an actual "conversation", in spanish, between Lattefy and me: