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I found a tiny keyboard at Apex Electronics in LA.

benchoffBenchoff 12/14/2014 at 02:261 Comment

The only reason I dug these keyboards out of a box at Apex electronics is because I've seen them before in another project here on {Jaromir] found a few of these keyboards salvaged from old Czech equipment, I somehow found them in LA, and now we have another exemplar:

That's an Ondra, a 'student/school' computer produced by the Czech electronics consortium Tesla. Looks kinda familiar, right? There's a link on the wiki that shows the mechanical design of the keyboard is pretty much identical between [Jaromir]'s and mine.

At the very least, this is interesting. I do actually prefer the key labels from the Ondra - arrow keys, stuff that's properly labeled, and an '@' symbol would make the Ondra's input much more useful than either mine or [Jaromir]'s keyboards.


jaromir.sukuba wrote 01/28/2015 at 20:07 point

Keyboard from Ondra computer is really rare now. Old computers collectors almost drained the NOS supplies as spare part, or even into Ondra replicas.

You can read more about the replica at blog of Martin Maly ( here: Unfortunately for you and most readers, everything in Chzech, but I think google translate gives somehow acceptable results. In fact, the replica is result of cooperation of Martin and Peter - His website is real treasure, full of documentation and valuable info of Czechoslovak 8-bit computers. Again, google translate result is somehow funny, but I think somehow comprehensible.

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