The Motor is Spinning!

A project log for Gator Quad

Personal project to develop a quad copter using as much self designed circuitry and software as possible.

ridonkulusridonkulus 01/04/2015 at 00:120 Comments

I have been traveling a lot over the past month due to the holidays etc... However I have been working on this project in the few hours of spare time that I have. I just have not been able to post much. I have gone through a few revisions of my board due to some mistakes that I made but the most important part is that I have a spinning motor! I will edit this post or make some additional ones that describe how i got to this point, and attempt to explain my code and my mistakes.

Enjoy the above video that shows the motor spinning at %50 duty cycle at 25kHz carrier frequency with a 12.9 - 14.1 V high rail for the h-bridge. I will add additional videos later of higher voltages and speeds.