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I've got a balcony, tomatoes and a micro controller

Michael HaasMichael Haas 11/01/2014 at 14:070 Comments

I just finished a preliminary mockup of the circuit in Fritzing. A couple of things are still missing. I'm likely going to add a couple of switches (mosfets?) to turn off the servo and ESP8266 when not in use. Of course, the moisture sensor is just some random I2C part I re-used. The MSP430G2 will also go into a DIP socket. No need for the Launchpad.

The ESP8266 is not represented correctly. I stole the idea and the wiring from The retro browser project seems to have an ESP8266 schematic. Maybe they're going to release that one day.

I'll also add some connectors so I can disconnect the moisture sensor and the battery pack. Also some LEDs and test pins so I can see/check if the components are powered.