ISS-Above HD

The little gadget that lights up whenever the International Space Station is nearby. Now with live HD video.

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ISS-Above is a successful Kickstarter funded gadget that lights up whenever the International Space Station is "nearby" - now in over 800 locations around the world. The newest version of the code supports HDMI display output including live video from the Space Station. The soon-to-be-launched next Kickstarter will support the development of remote LED lights using a custom RFDuino / Bluetooth LE chip (thanks to Acrobotic inc).

The code can be purchased from the web site as a downloadable SD card image that you write to your own SD or MicroSD card.

Setup is accomplished using a simple browser based admin system where the user selects their location from a google map interface. The Raspberry Pi's Timezone is then set as appropriate.

The system utilizes the web site in order to send tweets "to" the International Space Station whenever it makes a particularly close pass above the users location. Check out the @ISSAboveYou twitter feed for the more than 45K tweets already sent by ISS-Above devices around the world.

The newest version of ISS-Above connects to an HDMI monitor. Extensive information about the ISS and upcoming pass data is displayed to the TV.

Whenever the ISS is in sunlight the system automatically streams live video views of the earth from the space station as provided by NASA.

  • 1 × Raspberry Pi (B or B+)
  • 1 × PiGlow From PiMoroni (note support for many other display add-ons fpr the Pi - e.g. Ledborg, Adafruit LCD and more)
  • 1 × 5V Power Supply
  • 1 × 8GB MicroSD or SD card

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Adam Fabio wrote 10/20/2014 at 05:38 point
Loved the demo at the Hackaday 10th anniversary! I can't wait to see where this goes.

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