Man vs. Eagle

A project log for BLEak: BLE + atmega kit (arduino friendly)

BLE + ATMega 328 AUR (SMD) board I've created for a PCB workshop I'm offering in San Francisco. Tidy little bugger.

technolomaniactechnolomaniac 10/20/2014 at 05:230 Comments

I have been struggling to understand the workflow in Eagle. Too many weird little things to enumerate here (junctions when it feels like, nets "most" of the time, "cream" on my PCBs? I don't think so!, etc) but it's been fun getting into the psychology of the developers who have implemented the various features (clearly a lot of odd translations from the original german). Feels like the old Masstek or at-times, even PCAD software. Just wildly unreliable at times and the hardest things are having to manually check nets because of the unreliable connections back in SCH (also the fact that nets don't display on pads in PCB makes this all the more painful).

Oh well, not all is's lit a fire under my video-bum and below is the first of (possibly) a few on little things that, when I sorted them out, made the SW *far* more bearable.

T-minus 5 minutes to genius. :) Enjoy!