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No, not Electronic Dance Music - It's an Electro-Discharge Machine for PCB prototyping

JarrettJarrett 10/28/2014 at 21:090 Comments

A member at my hackspace enlisted my help in clearing out some junk from his warehouse. I grabbed a cool-ass box. It had stuff in it, but after I took that out, there's plenty of room for me to put all my electronics crap into. Lots of room to work with, modular so I can replace panels with custom cut bits (when I know what components I want to mount), and comes with all sorts of cool switches and knobs that I'm totally going to try and work in where appropriate.

This is post-hacking on it for a bit. You can see some holes I cut for displays on the right, and the power switch on the bottom left is something I added.

Top just slides off:

And around back, it came with an integrated fuse-holder and IEC power socket.

Note to future-Jarrett:

The fuse/socket unit claims to be rated up to 6A. I plan to eventually draw around 10A in pulses. If melts and catches fire, put it out, okay?