* NEW * Added Sending IR for Command Sequences

A project log for Ultimate Universal Remote

Improving a Griffin Beacon to add Bluetooth RF control, Command sequence sending and USB power

joedefajoedefa 02/15/2015 at 16:080 Comments

I added an IR LED to the build to be able to send IR sequences. For example to get to the sleep mode on my TV you have to press Menu, Click down 4 times, select, move right 3 times to select 30 minutes and press menu 2 to close. To stream line this i added that sequence to a single button and the Attiny executes the command. Other sequences i have added are AppleTV Netflix selector, which sends the proper sequence to get to my NetFlix account and brings me right o my recently watched or My list sections in NetFlix.


- In this version I have added a few capacitors due to the pulsing of the IR LED interfering with sending RF commands

- Added IR LED

- Moved IR codes to top so that changing codes is done in one place