Updating Code and adding software

A project log for Modular Smart Speaker Assistant (jarvis-pi)

A modular smart speaker designed with localized speech recognition, customization and security in mind.

Chris JonesChris Jones 04/19/2018 at 08:220 Comments

Worked through a number of issues over the past  week or so, mostly trying to increase the consistency of the voice recognition service. By adding SoX filters and options we are able to drastically clean up the audio and improve consistency in the service.

A simple mqtt client was built in python, this should allow for home automation integration with Home Assistant server. I managed to test it a number of times and it seems to be fairly consistent from cli runs. Voice command functionality could still use more fine tuning, but it appears to be working overall.

After talking with a few people I have had the opportunity to get alot of great feedback and ideas which I think should be pretty simple to implement over time.