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A project log for Modular Smart Speaker Assistant (jarvis-pi)

A modular smart speaker designed with localized speech recognition, customization and security in mind.

Chris JonesChris Jones 08/16/2018 at 04:540 Comments

I know, I know why a web interface, well just like any network connected "appliance", I think it will prove to be useful for setup, configuration and control of things that are not voice control friendly..
I also figured it might be good for diagnosis of issues, and to check status.

For a web interface I decided to go with a nice and compact minimal web server.
I figured I try my hand at flask, a simple python based web server that offers pretty nice features and makes it pretty easy to setup a basic web app in no time.

There is still alot of work but in no time I managed to get a basic login page setup:

And managed to whip up a basic bootstrap template and a few pages:

Still alot more work to do with the web interface, alot of custom calls need to be setup for all of the controls and the template is pretty generic so it could use some love, but I think its a good work in progress.

I want to get all of the config files for all the functionality, and setup like voice command functions config, pianobar setup (pandora script), mqtt configs, wifi config..etc up on the web interface to allow easy web interface setup.