UV Box

UV Exposure Box for curing the UV paint on PCB.

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I will be using a simple current source to drive UV Led strings. Each board will have 30 LEDs with 10 current sources. 1 current source will drive 3 LEDs, with that I want to keep current of LEDs under perfect control so they would have long life time.

The board will be 4x6 inches, powered with 12V, and expected current 200mA. 4 of them can fit into an old scanner and whole system can be powered by a 12V 1A power supply.
  • 20 × NPN Transistors Ic > 20mA
  • 10 × 30 Ohm Resistor Current sensing resistor of the current source
  • 10 × 39K Resistor Positive Biasing resistor of the current source
  • 10 × 10 Ohm Resistor LED Current limiting resistor
  • 30 × Purple UV LEDs

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