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Exploring running native applications on the ESP8266 modules

matt-callowMatt Callow 11/21/2014 at 05:190 Comments

I wrote some demo apps based on the SDK. They are available on github

There are 7 so far:

01blinky - simple blinking LED on gpio2

02blink2 - as above, but using timers

03helloworld - Guess what this one does! (Connect to the device at 9600 baud after programming)

04sysinfo - prints out some system information (again connect at 9600)

05i2cdemo - This one is not working yet. I've copied the i2c_master files from the IoT example, but still needs more work

06thingspeak - This one actually uses WiFi! It will connect to thingspeak and update a channel with an internal counter. Optionally, it can be configured to use the thingspeak talkback commands to remotely control an LED on gpio2

07switch - basically a copy of the IoT example - a work in progress. I plan to simplify this somewhat