simple heads up display

Slightly modified r-zone combined with an ipod nano 6th generation.

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I just wanted to make something like the scouter from dragon ball z.
It is very simple as the ipod nano is only displaying the picture for the scanner display I will make some more pictures so that it can do a slide show and look animated.

All I used from the r-zone device was the plastic reflector lense and its mount all the rest has been removed. I have added to strong magnets on the mounting side to allow the device to attach to some head mount.

This was made as a cheap Halloween costume thing so I am just using stuff I had lying around.
  • 1 × iPod Nano 6th generation Used to display images and it fits perfectly into an R-Zone
  • 1 × R-Zone Used to reflect image for HUD
  • 2 × magnet For mounting
  • 1 × Electrical tape holds magnets in place

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