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A project log for Stickvise - low profile soldering vise

Stickvise is a low profile vise designed for PCB soldering. This product was born on

Alex RichAlex Rich 12/22/2015 at 23:140 Comments

A pretty cool Stickvise inspired tool was made by pa4tim in the Netherlands.  His lab is absolutely crazy, looks like he collects and repairs old test equipment as a hobby.  Check out his website if interested:

BottomAnother cool Stickvise build by @Stefan Lochbrunner made from leftover scraps of his hacked together CNC machine:

#Dougie's Stickvise Ripoff by @doug.metzler is made from 80/20 and what looks like dovetailed HDPE or some other plastic. This is more than just a hack, very nicely made even with what looks like a delrin bushing for the shaft.

#Full Metal Stickvise by @Martijn is by far the most over-the-top I have seen. He machined a bunch of nice brass parts for his.

#Expandable breadboard by @SUF is a pair of giant breadboard jaws for Stickvise, really cool idea.

Wooden Stickvise by Matt is a nice version made from wood scraps, once again just a bunch of junk laying around that was put to good use!

3d printed breadboard springvise by Pat was one of the coolest spins of the idea, this is original enough that it's not even a Stickvise build it's a completely new type of PCB holder. Very cool, it was even featured on Hackaday!


I can't say enough how neat it is to see so many people building off of the original idea of Stickvise!