Two new Stickvise spins

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Stickvise is a low profile vise designed for PCB soldering. This product was born on

Alex RichAlex Rich 02/28/2016 at 12:420 Comments

@SUF has come up with two great projects related to Stickvise recently.

The first is a pocket size version of Stickvise called #MobileVise that uses a bolt and nut, a spring and two little 3d prints. When you take it apart, the bolt, nut and spring can be stored inside the jaws which clip together to make a tiny box. You could attach it to your key-chain it's so small!

Yesterday he published another cool design to hold a dirt-cheap $10 microscope on the back of his Stickvise, his project is called #StickScope and provides the 3d files to make one. You'll need some 6mm rod and other misc screws as well, then you'll be up and running for soldering under magnification!

Thanks again for sharing @SUF!