Drone GPS Upgrade Project

The GPS in my AEE P10 doesn't have very good accuracy so I'm going to try upgrading it.

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I removed the GPS board to look it over and see if it could possibly be improved by adding an active antenna or something to make it better. It's your typical drone GPS board with a UBlox Max 7Q chip with 2.5M accuracy and even has a barometric sensor U1 (that's not mentioned anywhere) but no compass chip at U3. It appears to already have an active antenna so the only way I can see to improve it would be to add the missing backup battery that should be where the large white dot is in the upper left corner next to CON 1. They seem to have decided to go without that but it would be easy to install one along with the missing resistor R1.

I went ahead and installed the missing backup battery on the GPS board and resistor R1 that connects it to the module so I can see what difference it makes next time I take it out. If anyone wants to try this the resistor R1 is 1K ohms (102) on most boards and the battery is made by SII model MS621FE rechargeable 3 volt, 5.5 mAh that costs $1.55 on Ebay. Be sure and put a drop of glue on the battery because the small tabs alone won't hold it in place. 

According to the UBlox spec sheet it enables all relevant data to be saved in the backup RAM to allow a hot or warm start later. I think that means that it can find it's position faster.

I hope this makes the GPS more reliable. Before, when I took the drone out the first time the GPS seemed to lock in pretty fast and the green LED came on in just a minute or two but I think that was premature because it tended to drift to the side and not hold it's position. Then when I reset it and calibrated the compass again it would hold pretty well. Hopefully with the battery it will work the first time now.

  • First Try Was Mostly A Failure!

    Steve01/21/2018 at 20:21 0 comments

    After replacing the missing battery I put it all back together and took it out to the park to try it out.  The GPS didn't work at all during the first 2 tries, it wouldn't hold it's position and finally crashed into a pole.  The third time it seemed to fly OK but wasn't noticeably better than before. 

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