Sensor Board v2 - Complete at Last!

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Hidden sensors in every light switch

StevenSteven 08/25/2016 at 16:110 Comments

Those of you who are keen eyed might have noticed that I changed the cover photo for this project a few weeks ago, when I pretty much finalized the design for v2, scheduled to be installed sometime in September. I'm happy to announce that I finished testing the sensor board and everything seems to work as intended.

Check out some photos:

The range of the proximity sensor has dramatically improved over version 1.5, where the maximum range is less than 10cm. v2's proximity detection range is around 25cm, which is a much more reasonable range to trigger the night light. The firmware has been updated as well (go to my github)

The next step is to finalize the firmware for the ESP8266. I'm going to port all my code to the wonderful Homie library. It does pretty much everything I wanted to do but it's a lot more polished.

Until next time!