I've attached a github link of the source files I added to Sprite_tm's webserver .
I made this project using this approach(standalone webserve) for two reasons

-The webserver on the ESP does all the data acquisition tasks, as well as formats the output. It's a very useful
add-on for fetching data from a uC, which would otherwise have required a custom app for data I/O.

- The AT command set is human readable, but is an annoyance when using a uC. A single character header
is far more easier to parse. The webserver approaches makes the best of both.
While the user can still send POST data with textual arguments, the cgi script sends the bare bones command to the uC, and returns JSON data

A brief description of the source files(https://github.com/jithinbp/esp8266-web-interface-for-UART-DAQ)
You will need to get Sprite_tn's repository, and add/replace my files in them. Don't forget to add cgiDAQ, and cro.tpl
to the list of files defined in user_main.c

cgi.c (cgiDAQ )- handles the queries sent by the user's browser. It extracts the arguments and command name from the POST data, and returns a JSON object containing the results sent back by the attached uC.

cro.tpl - HTML page the shows a plot made using JQuery.flot , and a button called 'capture' that fetches a trace from the ADC of the uC attached to the ESP by sending arguments to cgIDAQ

DAQ.tpl - a general purpose page to execute commands on the uC via cgiDAQ.cgi, and display the results as an Alert.