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This entire thing may sound familiar because I made an account a couple days ago and forgot the email i used for it.

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There is a major market out there for smaller and smaller computers. Smartphones do an okay job but they do not have the software or memory of a laptop or desktop computer. Laptops are also a useful tool but they are far to big to keep discreetly in a pocket so those are out too. Now that those are both out of the picture we need to think of the smallest computer ( that is of any use ) that money can buy. Introducing the raspberry pi! This credit card sized computer is so freaking awesome that it uses linux software takes only a few watts and costs only $35. The only problem with these is that you must know more or less how to program simple command prompt style systems. This is because of the software systems that you must download and format.

I am currently devoting much of my free time to this project and would love feedback! If anyone wants to contact me about this project my email is

  • 1 × Model b+ raspberry pi
  • 1 × 3.5" LCD touch screen
  • 1 × Portable battery charger
  • 1 × Small keyboard
  • 1 × Cell phone charger Must be at least 2amps

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  • Breakthrough Time !

    Howie11/11/2014 at 01:48 0 comments

    I just finished assembling the prototype of the computer and was able to run software into it using a separate monitor. At this time I am very sure that this project will be a success and all that I am waiting for is the 3.5" LCD screen. I also decided to put the entire assembly into the clear plastic case that my sisters iPod came in.

  • Keyboard needed

    Howie11/07/2014 at 21:20 0 comments

    Today I began experimenting with some of the different setups I could use to build this and found that the best way to build this would be to use an external keyboard.

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    Step 1
    I will not add any instructions until i know this project will work.

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