Quantity   Component name
1 × Raspberry Pi NOTE: This script only works on the original Raspberry Pi boards. It does not work on the Raspberry Pi 2 or the Raspberry Pi 3. I will tackle this issue eventually.
1 × USB Power Bank or Battery I used a 6000mah power bank
1 × Low pass filter and antenna or Handheld Radio I used a low pass filter and high gain antenna powered from gpio4
1 × Case I used a 30cal ammo can
1 × Power controller(optional) I use one from mausberrycircuits.com
1 × Gpio breakout pcb(optional) adafruit perma proto or electro resales board would work
1 × led(optional)
1 × spst switch/button(optional)
1 × 330ohm, 1k, and 10k resistor(optional) use with led and transmit switch
1 × Ham Radio License