Mini-ROVER v2.0

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Built from some COTS items, as well as custom-built items. The drive train needs to be re-worked as well as a lot of final work. The first pic is after assembly of some COTS parts mated with the custom drive train.

Everything currently has its own independent power source making the unit heavy and some what clunky.

Communication and control is via an Ethernet cross-over cable to my laptop running Parallels/Win7 and a custom-built VB.Net application that drives the rover. (Pictured)

- Custom-built (from COTS parts) twin-motor track chassis
- ArduinoMEGA
- 8 motor controllers
- 2 color CCD board cameras (one at arm's end - not pictured)
- RTC/temp/accelerometers/bump sensors/etc
- Primary camera is mounted up high on pan-tilt mount with 4 10mm ultra-bright LEDs for illumination and also is surrounded with IR LEDs for use in dark locations
-Primary camera has added laser pointer for 2nd camera coordinated viewing

V2 in progress

Rework will contain the following: 

- Rock-crawler chassis w/ ESC (from RC car/truck)

- Updated roverOS

- Updated GROVER control application

- GPS location/logging to be added

- First attempt at autopilot

  • 2 × DFRobot MiniQ Motor Set MiniQ motor, gearbox set, with wheels and tires
  • 2 × DFRobot Tank Upper Platform Chassis parts
  • 1 × Arduino MEGA 2560
  • 1 × Misc. Lexan Fabricated parts all made from Lexan
  • 1 × RN-XV WiFly Module XBee form-factor 2.4GHz Wifi card

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  • Rover Update - It's been how long?

    GarageHacker01/01/2016 at 21:41 0 comments

    Wow, time flies when we have to worry about other things other than our hack projects!

    Stay tuned... I am in the design phase of the next two generations of the rover. Gen2 suffered from some chassis-based mechanical issues. The new chassis platform will arrive tomorrow, so the modding can begin.

    Gen 3 - ArduinoMEGA and Arduino UNO working in master/slave mode
    - Upgraded chassis based on R/C vehicle
    - More completely coded than Gen2

    Gen 4 - Potential items of interest
    - Raspberry PI running the host OS, providing navigation, communication
    - Network of arduinos controlling sensors and drive functionality

  • Update

    GarageHacker03/23/2014 at 00:55 0 comments

    Working pretty hard this weekend assembling the items that I have for the new version of the ROVER... Stay tuned...

  • New chassis photo added

    GarageHacker03/17/2014 at 04:27 0 comments

    A new chassis photo has been added as promised. Here are the following steps that have been completed:

    - Motors/Wheels built and mounted to chassis

    - Chassis design finalized

    - Manipulator arm installed

    - Lexan mounting material installed so that platforms require less drilling and electronics can be removed

    - Motor drivers installed

    - Camera options finalized

  • v2 Changes

    GarageHacker03/16/2014 at 16:29 0 comments

    - No more tether! The tether has been eliminated and current plans involve using Wifi for drive control (2.4GHz)

    - Wireless video will be added to completely remove the need for tether

    - Bump sensors removed

    - Tracks removed / discarded for use on another project

    - 4WD will be used instead of track drive

    - Camera will no longer be mounted up high, but instead will be mounted on a pan/tilt unit up front 

    - 2nd CMOS camera removed

    - DFRobot Arduino motor shield removed

    - Individual DFRobot 1A motor controllers used for chassis drive

    - Communications module of GROVER (control application) will be re-written from using RS-232 serial to TCP/IP

  • Chassis update 2

    GarageHacker03/16/2014 at 16:00 0 comments

    Wow! What a difference 36 hours makes! The chassis is still being constructed with some helpful mechanical and electrical re-designs taking place.

    - The chassis has been mated with the motors.

    - New ArduinoMEGA sensor board, standoffs, and battery holders have been ordered.

    RN-XV WiFly Module has been ordered.

    - Robotic arm has been modified to remove the power source and directly mount the arm on the ROV chassis.

  • New chassis coming!

    GarageHacker03/15/2014 at 01:40 0 comments

    New chassis parts have arrived and are currently being assembled. Stay tuned for photos in the next update!

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GarageHacker wrote 01/01/2016 at 21:34 point

Updated version of this project coming shortly!! 

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jlbrian7 wrote 08/08/2014 at 10:20 point
Is this tethered?

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GarageHacker wrote 03/16/2014 at 16:35 point
I am currently looking for individuals that can assist with some power calculations and power-related schematics. Here's what I have: several devices that all require separate battery power. As of right now, nothing on the ROV will require anything above 6v to power. I would be interested to see if someone could assist me in designing a circuit that would allow me to use one rechargeable battery pack instead of multiple iterations of the 4xAA battery holders. Please contact me if you are interested in helping, or have a ready-made solution in mind!

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GarageHacker wrote 03/16/2014 at 16:12 point
If anyone can figure out the ultimate end-goal with this project, let me know!

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