v2 Changes

A project log for Mini-ROVER v2.0

garagehackerGarageHacker 03/16/2014 at 16:290 Comments

- No more tether! The tether has been eliminated and current plans involve using Wifi for drive control (2.4GHz)

- Wireless video will be added to completely remove the need for tether

- Bump sensors removed

- Tracks removed / discarded for use on another project

- 4WD will be used instead of track drive

- Camera will no longer be mounted up high, but instead will be mounted on a pan/tilt unit up front 

- 2nd CMOS camera removed

- DFRobot Arduino motor shield removed

- Individual DFRobot 1A motor controllers used for chassis drive

- Communications module of GROVER (control application) will be re-written from using RS-232 serial to TCP/IP