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A project log for uBBB 32u4

A dev board for the ATMega32u4

the-big-oneThe Big One 01/07/2015 at 02:470 Comments

The Rev 1.0 boards arrived today. There are a couple of other bugs which I can now see, which I have resolved in the Rev 1.1 model:

  1. Solder mask covering the rear of the ISP headers
  2. Enlarged the mounting holes a bit (two-fold purpose: to let them accept a \#4 screw, and to get rid of the scraggly edge that was left behind when the fab house didn't cut quite as deep into the edge as I had thought they would)

I am still planning on soldering up one of the AVR boards (with appropriate jumpers to fix the broken ground plane), but I need to wait for some more components to come before I can do that (specifically, a high accuracy SMD resonator and some 1k resistors)

The LED breakout board is working well, at least once I put a small jumper between VCC LED pad and VCC pin (lesson learned: do not modify a board after it has been added to a panelized project, since you can no longer run DRC against it). You can see the jumper right beside the red light in the picture below.

(Showing three of the lights on. Sorry for the horrible quality iPhone picture!)