Manufacturing Run Started

A project log for NeuroBytes

Build your own nervous system!

zakqwyzakqwy 08/04/2018 at 16:450 Comments

Above: Over the past few months I started putting production prints and assembly instructions on my wall as a way of keeping track of progress. It got a bit out of hand but was quite satisfying to see.

Last week, after many months of back-and-forth with our NeuroBytes manufacturing partner, I issued the production purchase order and wired a bundle of cash to kick off our first real run. We are making 4,285 STM32L0-powered NeuroBytes boards, along with 475 Battery Packs and 130 Network Interface Devices. The factory is also building 6,600 cable assemblies and sourcing servos, laser cut wood parts, packaging trays, manuals, and much more to produce 525 complete NeuroBytes kits. I am excited that this number represents five times our Kickstarter commitment, meaning we will have plenty of kits left to fulfill other pre-orders we have received since the close of our campaign and put a bunch of kits into inventory. There is still much that could go wrong, but NeuroBytes are much closer to becoming a Thing You Can Buy (If You Want).