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A project log for NeuroBytes

Build your own nervous system!

zakqwyzakqwy 11/16/2017 at 20:270 Comments

Yes, the day is here. We've worked on this project for damn near 5 years (well, 3 years that are documented here, at least) and it's finally time to see if anyone actually wants to buy NeuroBytes. If you have kept up with my logs, hopefully you're confident in our ability to deliver products in a timely manner; we've sorted through the manufacturing side of things and when push comes to shove, our products really aren't all that complicated. I should also be clear about our goals: we want to get our products into the hands of real paying customers that will get angry and break things, and plow as much profit as possible into building inventory so we can make a big splash at NSTA's national meeting next year.

I guess I don't really expect a lot of readers to be interested in actually backing our campaign -- I didn't start publishing logs here with that intent! In fact, if you're interested in NeuroBytes, I hope you head to our Github repo ( ), grab our KiCad files, and spin up your own boards. Really, the QFNs are easy to solder by hand since they don't have ground pads.

However, if you have parents, relatives, students, or anyone else that you think might be interested in learning more about neuroscience in a hands-on way, I do ask that you pass our campaign on to them. Joe and I are new to this crowdfunding thing (and PR/marketing in general), so any help is appreciated!

[up next: less of this commercial spam and more interesting technical posts about things like our new Network Interface Device board, I promise]