Resistor Load Assembly

A project log for 12V Battery Tester

A tester that can be used by high school students to test the batteries for capacity.

willbadenwillbaden 12/25/2014 at 16:160 Comments

Wanting to keep the heating coils contained, a cage was built. It was built out of some scrap dividers that were originally used in an office desk. The heater coils rods were mounted to pcs of plexiglass that were then attached to the re-purposed steel dividers. The plexiglass was used to isolate the heater coil buses from the steel dividers.

A single feed was used for the negative side of the loads (black wire on bottom of above picture) and multiple wires were ran to the different loads of the heater coil (red wires of above picture). These were then wired up into the controller box:

Eventually, I would like to added perforated steel to completely cage in the coils. That material has yet to be purchased.