Basic Color-Based (HSV) Object Tracking in OpenCV

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Collection of source files and code as I make my way thru the world of OpenCV and HW applications using Computer Vision

technolomaniactechnolomaniac 11/12/2014 at 13:140 Comments

This is my first attempt at basic object recognition using OpenCV following the completely awesome set of tutorials by Kyle Hounslow. Be sure to check out his videos on Youtube and donate so he can pay off his education early! Huge thanks to him and Bernát Gábor from for their amazing effort in creating the resources that make this set of libraries and resources accessible to everyone!

Included in the github repo are also the properties files required for visual studio projects. You will need to install OpenCV and direct the project to the proper OpenCV directory (I had used c:\opencv which should be called out in the properties files).

I also strongly, strongly, strongly sugget following the initial setup instructions and basic tutorials presented by Bernát Gábor located on the site and accessible from here. His tutorials are awesome and though they are less of a "surgical strike" they are packed with much more detail.

I have tried to comment the code in a way that felt most accessible. Kyle's comments were awesome, though I tried to break a few sections up a bit for the total newcomer (read: me!).