• 29 Beers Later… Maiden Flight!

    dalbyman12/09/2014 at 13:10 0 comments

    So we actually tested the thing. After a shaky start we successfully (and safely-ish) dropped a beer to our willing volunteer!

  • Day One, this is a terrible idea.

    dalbyman11/12/2014 at 16:57 0 comments

    It seems to work fine but I need to make a parachute for the beer before we test it, otherwise we might kill a granny or infant with our falling beverage.

    Josh has also suggested adding ANOTHER servo to tilt the tube into position before opening the 2 micro-servos to release the alcaholez. I'm not sure what the point in this is but it will look AWESOME so I'm going to try it.

    Anyway, heres a video of it working at ground level and dropping a beer onto a pillow…