Getting set up.

A project log for Scanner Portable Video Light

Repurposing a Canon LiDe 500f Film Scanner Film Adapter Unit (FAU) for use as an adjustible portable light for video.

Rebelj12aRebelj12a 11/13/2014 at 02:450 Comments

Been knocking the idea around long enough. Time to start documenting. Going to go into this with at least a base knowledge of electronics and hacking. (im decent but no superstar here)

Going to need some help with learning ways and resources for testing. Id greatly appreciate input and links. Feel free to send them to me. All documented sources and information will be saved and added to the Apertus Axiom Wiki once I am able to organize it, so this is no dead end here. What I learn I hope everyone can learn.

Looking at the device, ive taken it apart. Its fairly easy to be honest. I will have pictures up in a bit. Simple ribbon to cable, and inputs. Cannot quite get the unit out without desoldering it. The light part is soldered to the board and holds it in place.

Also attempts at discovering the Repair manual for the Canon Canoscan LIDE 500f are fruitless. No board schematics can be found as far as I can tell. Unfortunate. However someone may be able to take a look at the board and decipher it. If so I would greatly appreciate it.