A project log for Scanner Portable Video Light

Repurposing a Canon LiDe 500f Film Scanner Film Adapter Unit (FAU) for use as an adjustible portable light for video.

Rebelj12aRebelj12a 11/17/2014 at 22:560 Comments

Ok - it works, using the 5v source although ill be entirely honest it seems underpowered.

Positive goes to the V+ on the board and negative to the R G or B pins and we get light.

The issue here will be seeing how much power it actually can take. If anyone has one of these units with an FAU, getting a power reading on the pins would be helpful. Also going to manually test each pin to see which goes to what.. Will post a schematic here once i figure it out.

Also - Note - need alligator clips... very small ones. Anyone has any suggestions send me a link, id greatly appreciate it XD