The End

A project log for Scanner Portable Video Light

Repurposing a Canon LiDe 500f Film Scanner Film Adapter Unit (FAU) for use as an adjustible portable light for video.

Rebelj12aRebelj12a 11/21/2014 at 04:410 Comments

It is with a firm hand and a heavy heart I type this last project note.

We have reached an unfortunate impasse. Long story short the FAU despite being for film scanning is not meant to be used at highvoltages and produces little light.

I have a pin out image I will be attaching once I am back at the office. In any case the weak link here was the RED led which is where the problems sprang from.

Using a 5v 2amp power source I powered the light somewhat successfully however in discovering the pinouts and running a multi color test it failed. The Red LED completely. Only works intermittently.

The green and blue ramp up in brightness but then flicker and shut off.

Upon using a resistor I found the brightness too low to be usable at that point despite the blue and green becoming stable at that point.

While the board is still quiteuseful now that the pinouts have been mapped (a nice little cable for other projects) this project is officially closed. I hope it remains here for informative purposes.

That being said some say you can measure the true depths of success with the number of a persons failures. While this project has failed, I have others including 4 scanners just sitting doing nothing. See you all later.