Quantity   Component name
4 × 70Ah Car Batteries 12V Lead Acid Maintenance Free
1 × 40Ah Battery Charger 12V 40Ah battery charger with remote display and control
1 × 3000W Inverter 3000W 220V AC Pure Sign Wave inverter
4 × 25mm Square Tubing 6m x 25mm x 2mm Squire Tubing
1 × 10M Foam Padding Tape 10M x 15mm Foam Padding Tape
4 × Heavy Duty Weels Heavy Duty Trolley Weels
1 × Jumper Cable 3m Jumper Cable
8 × Battery Terminals Standard Positive And NegativeBattery Terminals
4 × Crimp Connectors Standard 10mm Hole Crimp Coonectors
4 × 30A Fuse 30A Heavy Duty Battery Fuses