Super Chunks

A game about a chunk of meat who fights off evil veggies

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A game about a chunk of meat who fights off evil veggies to save the fleshy world. A remake/sequel to the much worse game here:, as well as a true test of my javascript game engine which can run at a smooth 60fps.

Story:The evil King Veggie has taken over the world. You are Chunks, a chunk of meat who has set out to protect the fleshy people of your world, and destroy all the Vegetables that stand in your way. You'll run, jump, and climb all the way to King Veggie and do whatever it takes to save the day.

The whole project is located on github at the link below:

and the game at:

The engine can be found at:

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A script I use that will update the project and all changes for me. Very simplistic, but all I need for this project.

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The general use licence for my project

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  • New Demo!

    Dylan Turner10/21/2018 at 20:51 0 comments

    Finally I have released a new demo of the game including 2 levels for each world, a world select screen, and a water tile that allows for a slightly different platforming approach. Please enjoy!

  • Level Creation and World Select

    Dylan Turner10/21/2018 at 00:56 0 comments

    Bunch of changes:

    • Added saving and loading to level editor
    • Added worlds and world selection screen
    • Bug fixes found from creating new levels

    Expect a new Demo soon with 2 levels per world: an intro level w/ some mechanic for the world and an unlock level where one of the special abilities is unlocked.

    As of posting:

    • Grass world's gimmic is basic platforming and dodging enemies, and its unlockable is the super jump
      • 2 levels complete
    • Air world's gimmic is vertical platforming and its unlockable is the ground pound
      • 2 levels complete
    • Ocean world's gimmic is unchosen as of yet, but its unlockable is the punch
      • 1 level complete (and will probably be scrapped anyway)

    So all that's left before the new demo is to figure out what Imma do to make the water level special. It might be a slower gravity or something for "water", but I'd really like it to emphasize the mechanic (punching), so I don't know.

  • Updated Demo and Unlockables

    Dylan Turner10/12/2018 at 06:39 0 comments

    Alright, Unlockables are back! And I've updated the playable demo!

    Now with a nearly fully featured level editor, I should be able to start working on designing ACTUAL LEVELS for the real game. I should be moving out of test phase shortly!

  • ES6 Overhaul

    Dylan Turner10/12/2018 at 04:57 0 comments

    This is a huge update that isn't very visual, so I'm going to list a few of the changes, but it won't completely cover the scope of the update.

    Major Changes:

    • Biggest change: Update to ES6, mainly classes and 'let' s instead of all global 'var's
    • Huge restructure of data
      • 4 sub folders of source: resources, global adjusters, class libraries, and engine sections
      • Split up of each different type of action in the game
    • Added enemies and start location to level data instead of separate parameter (interpreted when created)
      • this allows for the level editor to be both simpler and also more powerful
    • Better level editor
      • add tiles
      • add enemies and character start location
      • Scroll bars to scroll between
    • Culling of undrawn objects
    • Update to input and music control
      • using classes and pseudo-enums
      • more abstract; i.e.: check 'jump' key instead of checking for 'w' and 'up'
    • Minor bug fixes

    The only real change left to do is remake the unlockables as objects that can be used. The new structure of the levels (negative numbers for special objects) should allow for that to be relatively easy

  • Big Bug Fixes and a New Demo

    Dylan Turner09/29/2018 at 20:56 0 comments

    There are quite a few updates:

    • I finally updated the demo code (that's hosted on the page) to the cleaned up physics code
    • I made the controls system a bit looser - added arrow keys for movement and space for jump
    • Fixed a bug for the resize of the level editor
    • I added ladders a while back, but I don't think I added it here!

    I'm also currently trying to find some people to help me move the game into more of a full game direction, including level designs and story

  • New Logo

    Dylan Turner04/02/2018 at 00:59 0 comments

    I spent a bit of time designing a new logo for the 'game studio'/loading screen

  • Original Background music #2

    Dylan Turner03/18/2018 at 07:34 0 comments

    Added some more music. Just a simple title screen loop. I think it sounds pretty good though and is kind of fun and catchy. I might change it later, but it adds to the atmosphere of the project for now.

  • Developmental Cycle

    Dylan Turner01/28/2018 at 18:29 0 comments

    Today I began work on the actual game/level design. I moved the demo level over into the master/docs folder and made the gh-pages point to that folder isntead. The true game will be the current source code, but a playable demo will now permanently be hosted on the github site

  • Colored Powers and Punching

    Dylan Turner01/19/2018 at 03:41 0 comments

    I attempted to fix several bugs, including random audio not starting at the beginning of the game, not being able to punch after landing sometimes, and I also made each of the three powers light up Chunks when used

  • Pausing and Messages

    Dylan Turner01/18/2018 at 22:14 0 comments

    I added a small pause menu and replaced the alert pop-ups with in-game messages

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    Open the file src/index.html in your web browser of choice (preferably Firefox or Chrome).

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avaxo9575 wrote 04/28/2022 at 12:21 point

this is really nice gaming project on  meat slicer or veggies. i must play this game. 

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Lucas O. Wagner wrote 01/18/2018 at 21:55 point

nice!  some complaints:  punch capability should reset if you're on the ground, but it seems to only reset if you're on the ground and moving.  also, pop ups are the worst 4th-wall-breaking way to inform Chunks of his new super powers/abilities.  hopefully that's a stand in for something cool later :).

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Dylan Turner wrote 01/18/2018 at 22:15 point

I actually was in the process of replacing the pop-ups when you posted this! Just completed and commited them! I'll work on the punching next

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Dylan Turner wrote 01/19/2018 at 03:36 point

I believe I've fixed the punching bug

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