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Kevin AnderssonKevin Andersson 11/28/2014 at 12:560 Comments

I've been fighting with installing a Node.js server, for direct feedback, on top of the apache server which is already running. For a very long time it wasn't working. Looking through the Raspberry Pi log files, I finally managed to figure out what the culprit was. IPTables. So if you ever want to setup a server on the Pie, which is not using the standard ports, check your IPTables (and logs) if it's not working.

Anyways. Now that Pie is hooked up to a nice Node.js interface it will be possible to make a lot of really fast user interaction. Currently Pie will let you know when new users connect / disconnect, and tell you the current amount of users.

With Node.js changes in lights will also update in realtime, instead of the old timer method.

Another change is about you. Pie now tries figure out where you live, and adds that information to her memory. So no more need to enter your city when you ask how the weather is.