Moving from CodeMirror to Blockly?

A project log for Hack-Ready Alarm Clock

An alarm clock that encourages tinkering and modification. Targeted for kids, but fun for old hacks like myself.

deckeregoDeckerEgo 12/06/2016 at 02:120 Comments

I'm working on moving the primary IDE of the HackClock from CodeMirror's Python editor to the Bring Your Own Blocks-style of Blockly. I really like CodeMirror's JavaScript editor, however I found that kids generally learn just enough Python to get things working and then lose interest. Kids do keep with Scratch (or ScratchJr on iOS) however, so I think the block-based editing approach may make sense here.

Initial testing has already begun, with the blocks parsing into analogous Python scripts on the back-end. I may allow CodeMIrror and Blockly IDEs to be interchangable, with CodeMirror being the "advanced mode." We'll see how the prototypes turn out.