Blockly Editing Now in Beta!

A project log for Hack-Ready Alarm Clock

An alarm clock that encourages tinkering and modification. Targeted for kids, but fun for old hacks like myself.

DeckerEgoDeckerEgo 01/04/2017 at 02:420 Comments

Coding with blocks (using Blockly) is now available in master! The option is disabled by default, but if you change the following settings in webapp/ to:

'default_editor': '/blocks/edit',
'disable_editor_button': False,

...then you will be able to code your alarm clock using drag-and-drop blocks in a Blockly IDE! Click the right-most button above the editor, and you can switch back and forth between blocks and the generated Python. Saves and restores should work for both Blockly and Python as well, so it is easy to restore old files if you make a mistake.

Feel free to try it out and provide feedback if you find something inane!