OSHWA certification, much better documentation

A project log for cyborg ring

cordwood + smt + jewelry + blinkies + zinc-air batteries

zakqwyzakqwy 11/07/2018 at 18:420 Comments

OSHWA certification. Yay! The cyborg ring is US000141. That means as of this posting, I'm responsible for around 4% of all certified projects. Wait that is bad, it means more people should get certified. Certify your projects! Don't let Open Source Hardware become a stupid marketing term (or at least, continue to be that).

I also did a major documentation update which can be seen in the in the GitHub repo, available here. The repo now contains all the instructions of record, and will likely be the thing I update first whenever I get around to a fresh cyborg ring iteration. But I'll keep this project updated too, so don't worry.