I am not a student or organization so not eligible for the 3d printer prize.  In fact I already have a Prusa i3 MK3 and it's an awesome printer, made from many high quality 3d printed parts, a great choice for the prizes for this contest.

The remote is printed in ABS filament at .010" layer thickness.  It was printed with water soluble supports but see no reason why you couldn't also print it using model material supports.  STL and CAD files are posted for the design.

I thoroughly documented the process of designing the new remote enclosure back in 2016 in a different project.  (If interested it was a hack to automatically adjust my TV volume when the air conditioning turned on in my house.)

Log about how my dog ate the remote

Reverse engineering the Bose Remote

CAD design process for new enclosure

Below are some pics showing the picture I used to design the new remote and some screen captures of the CAD model